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Training for Video Lottery Retailers

Thanks for choosing to complete Oregon Lottery’s Responsible Gambling & You - a short training video for staff who work in retail locations offering Oregon’s Video Lottery. This training shows prospective employers that you care about the health of the customers that patronize their business. It could prove to be the extra bit of background that sets you apart from other applicants to land a position or it could save you the time of completing the training later on as a part of the onboarding process. More than anything, we appreciate that you care enough about the customers you serve to learn how to provide them with accurate information about how Lottery games work and to direct those who wish to make a change to their gambling to available resources and support.  Please make sure to follow the training all the way to the final page so you can print or email your certification as proof of your completion.

Need Help?

We have answers to common questions in ou​r Retailer Training FAQs below. If you are still experiencing issues with your training please contact us.