Responsible Gambling Program
Impacts Report FY17

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Since 1999 1 percent of Lottery revenue - over $92 million dollars - has been dedicated to funding problem gambling prevention and treatment services. This places Oregon 2nd in the nation in per capita spending on problem gambling*. In addition to this legislatively mandated funding, the Oregon Lottery® invests over $3 million annually to implement a comprehensive responsible gambling program guided by our Responsible Gambling Code of Practice. This report details significant impacts resulting from this investment for fiscal year 2017.

*Source #8

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Our Goals

While there are dozens of anticipated outputs and outcomes associated with the implementation of the Responsible Gambling Code of Practice, our overarching goals are really very simple. The Lottery will devote energy, funding and resources where they will have the most positive impact on the promotion of responsible gambling practices and awareness of problem gambling resources. Our efforts are devoted to:

  • Providing information and tools to help players make informed choices and enjoy Lottery games in a responsible way.
  • Creating awareness of the help and resources for those affected by problem gambling. We aim to ensure that people affected by gambling issues know how to access help and that they understand treatment is free, confidential, and it works.

What We Measure

The Oregon Lottery is accountable for ensuring and communicating progress on relevant practices contained in the Code of Practice. Using a combination of internal monitoring and independent assessments, we report on both annual measures and key accomplishments specific to a given year. Our annual measurements look at year-over-year trends, while our key accomplishments measure a discrete set of non-repeatable activities.

Responsible Gambling Code of PracticeThe Responsible Gambling Code of Practice commits the Lottery to implement and adhere to responsible gambling practices with a particular focus on investment in research, stakeholder, retailer and employee engagement, advertising and promotion, informed player messaging, and game and equipment features.

Annual Measures

Awareness That Free Treatment is Available

The Lottery runs an integrated, ongoing marketing campaign promoting the availability of free, confidential, professional help that works. This includes multi-cultural broadcast and digital advertising, search engine marketing, website content, collateral, billboards and other out-of-home marketing.

Ability to Name at Least One Responsible Gambling Practice

The Lottery promotes responsible gambling practices in both marketing dedicated campaigns and in conjunction with Lottery product marketing. This includes broadcast and digital advertising, collateral and web content.

Directing People to Help and Information on

The Lottery implements a ongoing digital and search marketing campaign designed to drive people to the Oregon Problem Gambling Resource website ( for information on help and resources available for people affected by gambling. The chart to the right reflects monthly page views for both the English site and the Spanish language site opgr.esp.

Directing People to Help and Information on

The Lottery implements a ongoing digital and search marketing campaign designed to drive people to an online community for people with gambling issues. The chart to the right reflects monthly page views for Oregonians visiting the site. These numbers are noteworthy as the Oregon Lottery is the only entity that uses paid media to drive site traffic.

Calls to the Helpline 1.877.MyLimit

The Lottery promotes the Helpline number, 1.877.MyLimit in all responsible and problem gambling advertising and collateral.

Additionally 1.877.MyLimit is featured on Lottery games and equipment including stickers on Video LotterySM  terminals and printed information on ticket stock and "how to play" brochures.

FY17 Key Accomplishments

During fiscal year 17 the Lottery focused efforts on building and launching a series of comprehensive training programs called Responsible Gambling & You.

The first program in the series was for retailer staff in locations which offer Video Lottery. The Lottery developed the training with industry experts using input from retailer staff including executives, managers, bartenders and waitstaff. The training was delivered as a 30-minute, online, interactive module. Lottery sales staff visited retailers to encourage participation.

The Lottery fielded a post training survey to understand the relevance and utility of the training for participating retailers.

In fiscal year 18 the Lottery will expand retailer training to include specific training for retailers who sell "traditional" Lottery products like Scratch-its and Powerball.

Video Lottery Retailer Staff Training Effectiveness

Video Lottery Retailer Staff Completing Training

Lottery Employee Training

Following the successful launch of Responsible Gambling & You for Video Lottery retailers, the Lottery launched a training program for Lottery employees. This 40-minute online, interactive module was developed by industry experts and informed by Lottery staff from a variety of functional areas. Every Lottery employee was required to complete the training.

The Lottery fielded a post training survey to understand the relevance and utility of the training for employees.

In fiscal year 18 the Lottery will expand employee training to include job specific training for staff who regularly interact with retailers and players.

Awards & Accreditations

North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries/National Council on Problem Gambling Responsible Gambling Best Practice Verification Program

In July 2016, the Oregon Lottery was the first Lottery to receive NASPL/NCPG "implementation" certification for its responsible gambling program. This rigorous independent assessment signifies that Oregon has implemented a robust program using industry best practices.

2016 National Council on Problem Gambling Corporate Social Responsibility  Award

The Oregon Lottery received the 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Award from the National Council on Problem Gambling. This award is given to an organization that demonstrated outstanding commitment to social responsibility as it relates to problem gambling in the past year.

La Fleur's Sustainability Award

La Fleur's, a trade publication for Lottery's worldwide, honored the Oregon Lottery with the Sustainability Award for the agency's responsible gambling efforts.