Responsible Gaming Program
Impacts Report FY18

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Since 1999 1% of Lottery revenue—over $99 million dollars - has been dedicated to funding problem gambling prevention and treatment services. This places Oregon 2nd in the nation in per capita spending on problem gambling*. In addition to this legislatively mandated funding, the Oregon Lottery® invests over $3 million annually to implement a comprehensive responsible gaming program guided by our Responsible Gaming Code of Practice. This report details significant impacts resulting from this investment for fiscal year 2018.

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Our Goals

While there are dozens of anticipated outputs and outcomes associated with the implementation of the Responsible Gaming Code of Practice, our overarching goals are really very simple. The Lottery will devote energy, funding and resources where they will have the most positive impact on the promotion of responsible gaming practices and awareness of problem gambling resources. Our efforts are devoted to:

  • Providing information and tools to help players make informed choices and enjoy Lottery games in a responsible way.
  • Creating awareness of the help and resources for those affected by problem gambling. We aim to ensure that people affected by gambling issues know how to access help and that they understand treatment is free, confidential, and it works.

What We Measure

The Oregon Lottery is accountable for ensuring and communicating progress on relevant practices contained in the Code of Practice. Using a combination of internal monitoring and independent assessments, we report on both annual measures and key accomplishments specific to a given year. Our annual measurements look at year-over-year trends, when possible, while our key accomplishments measure a discrete set of non-repeatable activities.

Responsible Gaming Code of PracticeThe Responsible Gaming Code of Practice commits the Lottery to implement a comprehensive program focused on research, stakeholder, retailer and employee engagement, player education and advertising and promotion.

Annual Measures

Awareness of Free Treatment

The Lottery runs an integrated, ongoing marketing campaign promoting the availability of free, confidential, professional help that works. This includes multi-cultural broadcast and digital advertising, search engine marketing, website content, collateral, billboards and other out-of-home marketing.

Meet Kitty, she is recovering from a gambling disorder

Problem Gambling Message Recall

Watch a Problem Gambling advertisement

Responsible Gaming
Ad Recall

The Lottery promotes responsible gaming practices in both marketing dedicated campaigns and in conjunction with Lottery product marketing. This includes broadcast and digital advertising, collateral and web content.

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Page Views on

The Lottery implements an ongoing digital and search marketing campaign designed to drive people to the Oregon Problem Gambling Resource website ( for information on help and resources available for people affected by gambling.

Contacting the Helpline

The Lottery promotes the Helpline number, 1.877.MyLimit in all responsible and problem gambling advertising and collateral. Additionally, 1.877.MyLimit is featured on Lottery games and equipment including stickers on Video LotterySM terminals and printed information on ticket stock and “how to play” brochures.

Find out what happens when you call the helpline

Key Accomplishments

Retailer Training

In 2018 Lottery launched a new mobile friendly RG training designed specifically for the staff of Lottery’s 1723 grocery and convenience store retailers. The mobile enabled training is available in English and Spanish, with additional languages available in a print version. This new training is a companion piece to the 2017 training that was developed for bar and restaurant Video Lottery retailers.

Retailer Training Impacts

Watch the Retailer Training

Advanced Training for Lottery Staff

All Lottery employees receive annual Responsible Gaming Training. In FY18 Lottery identified several retailer and player facing staff to receive advanced training—these groups included the sales, technical service, customer service and promotions teams. These employees received a facilitated 2 hour in-person training to equip them with the tools and self-care strategies to address situations they routinely face when interacting with the public.

Oregon Lottery Mobile App

In 2018 Lottery launched a new mobile app. The app enabled players to check for winning tickets, get notifications and information about Lottery games and access a suite of Responsible Gaming tools including RG tips, budgeting and timer tools, a cost to play calculator, and earn badges by taking a RG quiz.

World Lottery Association (WLA)
Level 4 Responsible Gaming Certification

In 2018, the Oregon Lottery became the only United States Lottery with Video Lottery to achieve WLA Level 4 Certification in Responsible Gaming. Oregon Lottery joins an elite group of only eight U.S. lotteries who have achieved this distinction. This is the highest level of certification achievable through the WLA and recognizes lotteries who have embedded RG in their organization’s goals, governance, management processes and who have made RG a key component of the corporate culture. The Oregon Lottery submission was validated by an independent auditor and judged by an international panel for the WLA’s Responsible Gaming Framework. The panel awarded the certification based on Oregon Lottery’s achievements associated with the seven RG principles and 10 RG program elements outlined in the WLA’s RG Framework. The WLA represents the interests of some 150 members from 84 countries.


World Lottery Association (WLA)

The Oregon Lottery is an associate member of the World Lottery Association [WLA]. WLA’s values are based on a commitment to the highest standards of corporate responsibility and are based on WLA Responsible Gaming Principles an Framework. WLA is committed to sharing knowledge and experience among its members and improving its business in the interest of their stakeholders.


In 2018, The National Council on Problem Gambling elected Stacy Shaw, Oregon Lottery Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, to its Board of Directors. Board members provide a variety of experiences across multiple industries to strengthen NCPG’s leadership as the organization continues to grow and evolve. Stacy currently provides leadership and strategic direction for the Lottery’s responsible gaming and problem gambling programs.


The Oregon Council on Problem Gambling is the state affiliate to the National Council on Problem Gambling. The OCPG’s purpose is to promote the health of Oregonians by supporting efforts to minimize gambling related harm. Board members include Stacy Shaw, Oregon Lottery Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, along with other Stakeholders from the gaming industry, treatment and prevention field, the recovery community and state and county administrators.


Oregon Lottery is an Associate Member of the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries (NASPL). Currently, Barry Pack, Oregon Lottery Director, is serving as the Chair on the NASPL Responsible Gaming sub-committee.


Oregon Lottery is a supporter of the National Center for Responsible Gaming (NCRG), the only national organization exclusively devoted to funding research that helps increase understanding of pathological and youth gambling and find effective methods of treatment.