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You know that story of the one that got away?

When the Oregon Lottery was approved by voters in 1984, it was formed to revitalize a state economy in dire need of new jobs and growing business opportunities. Over the last 30 years, Oregon Lottery dollars infused over $2.6 billion dollars for job creation and the economic development of Oregon's various industries. All of those Lottery dollars have done good things the Oregon way by providing financial support for economically viable, environmentally sound and socially responsible ventures in small business, agriculture, high-tech, manufacturing, solar, medical, fisheries and tourism. 30 years and thousands of projects across a diverse state have kept Oregon an amazing place to live, work and play for today and generations to come.

Oregon's fishing industry is an excellent metaphor for our sustainable Oregon economy. A commercial fisherman understands that sustaining healthy marine and aquatic ecosystems are vital to having a new catch each and every year. Welders, restaurants, boat builders, retail stores, seafood shops and entire coastal towns understand that when the fishermen catch no fish, they struggle too. Just like the fishermen, Oregon voters understood all those years ago that the best way to sustain a healthy economy was to first put support into state-based businesses and projects that would continue to add jobs and opportunity, nourishing their wonderful state for years to come. So what if the one that got away, didn't get away? Oregon Lottery – Together, We Do Good Things.

For information about applying for Lottery-funded business loans and financing support services for community development projects, visit the Business Oregon or call 503-986-0123.



Fishpeople combines seafood wild caught in North Pacific waters and landed in Oregon, with West Coast harvested ingredients to create convenient gourmet seafood meals that one can eat anywhere, anytime. They received a Lottery-funded business loan to support their business, which works with fishermen, family farms, retailers and consumers to deliver an excellent, environmentally and socially conscious product.

Fishpeople is proud to be keeping seafood in the Northwest, whereas most other producers ship it overseas. Click or tap to learn more about this incredible Oregon-based business.

Fishing & Oregon's Economy