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Events & Festivals Sponsorship

What we bring:

One great thing about an Oregon Lottery sponsorship is that we bring everything we need from tents, tables, chairs, staff and all of the game activations needed. Our promotions team is always ready to pop-up a tent or set up a game at any event year-round. Some activations do require power at the booth site, so keep that in mind.

What we do:

We bring the fun to your event. Your audience will surely love to have the Oregon Lottery at your event. We bring a fun and free activation to every event we attend, from a free photo booth, bean bag toss game, giant Plinko or a fun and free spinning wheel game that keeps the audience entertained, and aware of our newest games..

How do I qualify:

In order to qualify, your event must have a space for a Lottery booth (minimum 10’ X 10’ in size), opportunity for lottery staff to interact with your event attendees and must have a majority of attendees over the age of 18.

Other considerations we use in the decision process include:

  • Is there another event at the same time that Lottery is already sponsoring?
  • Is there budget in the fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) to support your event?
  • Does the event meet the required 2:1 Return on Investment (cost vs. value)?
  • Is the audience primarily over 18 years old or older (some activations require 21+)?
  • Does the event make financial sense for the size of audience (staff time and travel costs vs. number of attendees)?

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