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Oregon voters created the Oregon Lottery in 1984 to jump-start an ailing economy and support economic development and job creation throughout the state. Since then, Oregon voters have also approved constitutional amendments to use Lottery funds for public education and outdoor school, state parks, watershed enhancement and salmon habitat restoration, and Oregon’s honored veterans and problem gambling prevention and treatment services. We refer to these fund recipients as our beneficiaries.

Every year the Oregon Lottery allocates funds to sponsor events and organizations whose work most closely aligns with our beneficiaries. Additionally, we value diversity, equity and inclusion in our sponsorship selection.  This ensures that our sponsorship dollars are committed to the things Oregonians have told us they care about.



We believe that the best sponsorships help both parties achieve their objectives. We prefer to sponsor organizations or events that have impact beyond a single lunch or dinner. We look for the ability to leverage communication channels with an integrated program rather than a single logo placement or brochure. We focus our sponsorship dollars to help us drive value and results.


Our approach embraces strategic partnerships that are visible year-round, or provide direct support for people or projects supported by one or more of our beneficiaries, with a lens for diversity, equity and inclusion.


We do not consider proposals that focus exclusively on sponsoring banquets, dinners or tables at events.


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Please allow us time to review your proposal and ask questions, if needed. Please make your submission at least 12 weeks prior to your event. We are also open to collaborating with you as you put your proposal together.

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