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Win great prizes on Facebook

We've given away all kinds of prizes to our Facebook followers like concert tickets, VIP passes to sporting events, and even a trip to Hawaii. Seriously, Hawaii! We also post pictures, videos, links, humor, and inspiration, so stop by and take a look.

Monopoly Promotional Booth

Sporting Events, Concerts & Festivals

If there’s a REALLY BIG SHOW in Oregon keep your head on a swivel, because you might just get a chance to win a prize, play a game, snap a photo or buy some Lottery products. The Oregon Lottery is a proud sponsor and supporter of the Portland Trail Blazers, the Portland Timbers & Thorns, the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes, the Medford Rogues, the Eugene Emeralds and many of the other Oregon-based professional sports franchises. Not to mention the Oregon Ducks, Oregon State Beavers and other collegiate sports programs! Oh yeah, and if there’s a BrewFest, Fair, Festival, AleFest, Expo, Show, Concert, Celebration or big gathering of any sort in your neck of the woods, you might just cross paths with the Oregon Lottery Promotions Team.

Pop-Up Promotions

Pop-Ups are an Oregon Lottery Roadshow of laughs and good times! The Promotions Team travels to Lottery retail locations throughout the state and brings a truckload of fun to every stop. You’ll have an opportunity to try out new Video Lottery games for free, spin the prize wheel, participate in some group games, and potentially win prizes like T-Shirts, Lottery products, Free-Play certificates, tickets to concerts & events, iPads or Visa Gift Cards. 21 and over locations only.


Other Lottery Events

The Oregon Lottery takes a lot of pride in being a big part of the events and gatherings that happen all over the State of Oregon. You might see a Lottery representative speak at a scholarship ceremony at your local community college, a booth at a 5K or an outdoor event, galas, parades, holiday festivals and much more. Often times you can get a keepsake photo at our famous photo booth, see someone present a big commemorative check or just enjoy some clever conversation with the Oregon Lottery team.


May 25 ♦ 06:00 PM

Thorns vs. Utah Royals at 7:30pm

Providence Park<br/> 1844 SW Morrison St.<br/> Portland, OR 97205

Your Portland Thorns are taking on the Utah Royals! Come cheer them on and make sure you stop by our booth to play some games and win some prizes (if you are 18 or older)!

May 26 ♦ 12:00 PM

U of O Ducks Baseball at 3PM

PK Park.<br/> 2760 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd<br/> Eugene, OR 97401

Ducks Baseball is here! Come show your support for the team! While you are there stop by the Lottery booth for a chance to win free Scratch Tickets and other prizes!

May 30 ♦ 06:00 PM

Video Lottery Pop-Up in Warren

Warren Country Inn<br/> 56575 Columbia River Hwy<br/> Warren, OR 97053

The Promotions Team will be stopping in to have a party! Come in and win some of the many great prizes we have to give away!

May 31 ♦ 05:00 PM

Video Lottery Pop-Up in Rainier

Goble Tavern<br/> 70255 Columbia River Hwy<br/> Rainier, OR 97048

We're back for a second night on the Columbia River Hwy! Come see us, play some free games and win some awesome prizes! See you there!