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Donald Industrial Park Water Line Installation

Donald, Marion County

Oregon Lottery funding managed by Business Oregon are doing good things for economy in Donald and Marion County. A water line addition at the Donald Industrial Park (home to a major hazelnut processing facility) allows for community growth and creates more jobs for the local economy. Additionally, Donald company Valley Pacific Construction completed the installation, keeping those dollars in Oregon and creating growth in Donald and Marion County.

"Lottery dollars support so much of what we do, from infrastructure development to helping small businesses export their goods," said Chris Harder, director of Business Oregon. "But business growth starts with a partnership like we have here on this project in Donald — a community, the state and the private sector working together to lay the groundwork for industry growth."

Since Oregonians voted to create the Oregon Lottery in 1984, over $3 billion in Lottery funding has helped grow local economies and create jobs.

Economic Development

Economic Development