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Newport International Terminal

Newport, Lincoln County

The Port of Newport’s International Terminal, formed on the decks of two sunken World War II era concrete-hulled vessels, began operating as a shipping dock in 1948. In 2001, one of the docks became too unstable to be used. The other dock faced severe load restrictions because of structural decay. This meant distant water and local commercial fishing fleets, who provide $14 million to the local economy each year, faced reduced access to the Terminal. Newport needed to restore and redevelop the International Terminal with the least disruption to the fishing industry and to the businesses located there.

The Port worked with an Oregon-based contractor and Oregon-based structural engineers, keeping jobs in the state, to ensure that Newport’s distant and local commercial fishing fleets, and the Terminal businesses that served them, had access to the International Terminal during its restoration and redevelopment.

Newport received $3.9 million in lottery funds for this project

Economic Development

Economic Development