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Portland attorney enjoys a newfound Lucky Life

by Patrick Johnson | Nov 10, 2016


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Nov. 10, 2016 - Salem, Ore.
– At the moment the Seattle Seahawks scored a touchdown, Portland resident Richard Alli realized he had won $1.2 million playing an Oregon Lottery Scratch-it.

“Normally I don’t play Scratch-its,” he said. “I’m really glad I played!”

Alli purchased the winning $10 Lucky Life ticket at the 200 Gift Shop in Portland. There was only one top prize left on the $10 ticket: $10,000 a month for 10 years. He scratched his ticket while watching the Monday Night Football game, and realized that he won just as the Seahawks scored a touchdown.

“My daughter is a senior at the University of Oregon so I am sure a chunk of it is going to be used there,” he laughed.

Alli took the lump sum, saying that he wanted to put the money to work.

Jin Choo, one of the owners of the 200 Gift Shop where Alli purchased his ticket, said that he was very happy his store was going to receive a $12,000 retailer selling bonus. \

"We are going to do some improvements to the store,” he said. “We sold a $10,000 Win for Life ticket a few years ago, so this is our biggest win.”

Lottery officials recommend that you always sign the back of your tickets with each Oregon Lottery game you play, to ensure you can claim any prize you may win. The Oregon Lottery reminds players to always sign the back of their Lottery tickets, regardless of the game. In the event of winning a jackpot, they should consult with a trusted financial planner or similar professional to develop a plan for their winnings. Prize winners of more than $50,000 should contact the Lottery office to schedule an appointment to claim their prize.

Since the Oregon Lottery began selling tickets on April 25, 1985, it has earned over $11 billion for economic development, public education, state parks and watershed enhancements. For more information on the Oregon Lottery visit