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Oregon Lottery recognized nationally for responsible gambling program

by Chuck Baumann | Jul 14, 2016

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July 14, 2016 - Salem, Ore.
The Oregon Lottery recently took home top honors from the National Council on Problem Gambling and La Fleur’s for its on-going efforts to promote responsible gambling and connect problem gamblers to treatment.

Last week the National Council on Problem Gambling recognized the Oregon Lottery with its highest award for corporate citizenship. The council will present its annual Corporate Responsibility Award to the Oregon Lottery at the 30th National Conference on Problem Gambling in Tarrytown, NY Friday, July 15. Acting Director Barry Pack will accept the award for the Lottery. The council’s Corporate Responsibility Award recognizes an organization that demonstrates an outstanding commitment to social responsibility as it relates to responsible and problem gambling programs in the past year.

“The Oregon State Lottery is to be commended on being selected as the recipient of the National Council on Problem Gambling Corporate Social Responsibility Award,” said Dr. Tom Moore, executive director of the Oregon Council on Problem Gambling. “The Lottery’s efforts to successfully integrate responsible gambling strategies at all levels of the organization and to engage in extensive public education regarding responsible gambling along with the availability of treatment for gamblers and their family members is exemplary.”

La Fleur’s, a trade publication for lotteries worldwide, honored the Oregon Lottery at its June 2016 Global Lottery Forum in Vancouver, B.C.with the Sustainability Award for Corporate Social Responsibility for the agency’s responsible gambling efforts. La Fleur’s

“Over the past several years, the Oregon Lottery has increased the level of collaboration with the responsible gambling and problem gambling community,” said Acting Director Barry Pack. “Working with the Oregon Council on Problem Gambling, the Oregon Health Authority and other key stakeholder groups, together we can help mitigate adverse effects of gambling and create a common agenda of activities to promote responsible gambling.”

Helping guide and direct the Lottery’s responsible and problem gambling efforts is the agency’s Responsible Gambling Code of Practice, which was adopted in 2014. “The code spells out how the Lottery will approach mitigating the potential harm from gambling,” said Lottery Responsible Gambling Consultant Stacy Shaw. “Examples include providing information and tools to help players make informed choices and play responsibly and ensuring that players and their families know about free treatment.”

Oregon Lottery proceeds provide funding for free, confidential and effective problem gambling treatment programs statewide. Since 1992, over $81 million in Lottery funds has been directed to fund problem gambling treatment. For more information on the Oregon Lottery visit



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