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Oregon Teacher of the Year Nominations Now Open

by Chuck Baumann | Mar 16, 2016

March 16, 2016 - Salem, Ore. – Teachers all across the state are helping prepare Oregon’s children to become the leaders of tomorrow. The Department of Education’s annual Teacher of the Year award gives Oregonians an opportunity to recognize teachers who are making a positive impact in student’s lives and is accepting nominations for the 2016-17 award.          

The Oregon Lottery is proud to partner with the Oregon Department of Education to honor Oregon teachers through the Teacher of the Year award. Once selected, the Teacher of the Year and his or her school are each awarded a $5,000 cash prize. Two runners up also each receive an award of $2,000.

Anyone can nominate a teacher for the award, but teachers may not nominate themselves. To nominate a candidate for the 2016-17 Oregon Teacher of the Year, go to: The deadline for nominations is May 13, 2016.

Oregon’s current Teacher of the Year is Heather Anderson, a fourth grade teacher at Juniper Elementary in Bend.

Oregon’s Teacher of the Year will continue to teach in the classroom and will have opportunities to speak and present around the state. In addition, he or she has an opportunity to apply for the National Teacher of the Year award and attend several out-of-state events including: International Space Camp, the National Teacher of the Year conference, and the National Teacher of the Year Recognition Week in Washington, D.C. where he or she gets to meet the President at the White House. 

To learn more about the Teacher of the Year program or to make a nomination, go to:



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  1. Gregory Sabin | Mar 18, 2017

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