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Gilchrist State Forest

First new state forest in 60 years

Klamath County, OR There’s been a lot of talk over the past 10 years about the word ‘green’. Green cars. Green homes. Green catering companies. But what about the good old literal green? As in green trees? Well, we haven’t forgotten. We’re Oregonians, after all. That’s why Lottery funds helped purchase 67-square-miles of land called The Gilchrist State Forest—Oregon’s first new state forest in 60 years. Not since the Sun Pass forest acquisition of the late 1940s has there been such a significant purchase of private forest land by the state of Oregon. It won’t be sold. It won’t be parceled out. It will remain intact. It will be a home for wildlife. It will preserve watersheds. It will be managed responsibly with selective harvests to create new jobs. Because protecting our great state isn’t a trend or a buzzword or a movement. Protecting Mother Nature is simply second nature.

Providing funding support for Gilchrist State Forest is just one of the many ways Lottery profits give back to the environment and to the people of Oregon.

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