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Crystal Clear Technologies

Helping Keep Our Water Healthy

Portland, OR What can technology do for Oregon’s economy? Just outside of Portland, there’s a company called Crystal Clear Technologies (CCT). Supported in part by funds from the Oregon Lottery®, CCT is using advanced nanotechnology to develop a system that allows large industries like coal-fired power plants, as well as corn and soybean processing plants to clean and reuse wastewater over and over again. This innovation makes recycling water inexpensive and allows for easier removal of toxic contaminants like mercury, arsenic and lead. Removing dangerous waste products like this used to be very expensive and complex. Not anymore. This breakthrough is good for business and good for our environment. The research that made it possible happened right here in Oregon, supported by Lottery dollars that help Oregon businesses grow and create a more diverse economy.

For more information on Crystal Clear Technologies visit their website at:

If you would like more information on nanoscience and microtechnology research in Oregon, visit Oregon’s first Signature Research Center, the Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute (ONAMI) at Also, visit Business Oregon for more information on other Lottery funded projects and see how Business Oregon works to create, retain, expand and attract businesses for Oregon.

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