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Lottery Funds Support Public Education

Oregonians place a high value on the quality of life here in the Pacific Northwest. The Education of its citizens plays a vital role in preserving that quality, which is why in 1995 Oregonians passed a constitutional amendment directing Lottery profits to help fund public education. Currently, 57% of Oregon Lottery® profits go to Oregon’s K-12 public schools to help pay teachers’ salaries, build and repair schools, purchase much needed textbooks, computers, equipment and support other essential services. A portion of this percentage also goes toward Oregon’s public colleges and universities, helping fund academic scholarships and intercollegiate athletics. By supporting the public education system, Oregonians have demonstrated time and time again their commitment to the educational well-being of Oregon’s students. From kindergarten to state universities, from textbooks to teachers’ salaries, Lottery funds help support classrooms and the future stewards of Oregon.

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More Lottery Profits Means More Money For Oregon’s Schools

Lottery Profits Help Pay Teachers’ Salary

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See how Oregon Lottery® dollars are working for Oregon.
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