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Generous Customer Shares $28,000 Prize with Waitress!

First-time Lucky Lines℠ player gives waitress $10,000 of prize


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March 5, 2014 - Canby, Oregon

As a regular customer at Mike’s Place in Canby, Tom Larsen has become friends with the Mike’s Place staff.

Having his usual cup of coffee one day at Mike’s Place, Tom’s friend Art mentions playing one of the Oregon Lottery’s daily drawing games, Lucky Lines. That was news to Tom as he wasn’t aware of the game and had never played. “So Art says play a couple of bucks on the game,” said Tom. So Tom gave his $2 for the ticket to waitress Debbie Rozzell and told Debbie if he won, he’d share it with her.

Turns out Tom picked a good time to play his first game of Lucky Lines as his ticket was a $28,000 winner! And being true to his word, Tom shared $10,000 of his prize with Debbie.

Tom and Debbie claimed their prizes on March 3, 2014, at the Lottery office in Salem.

Oregon – Home of the best customers ever?

This act of customer generosity follows close on the heels of a similar incident that occurred in October 2013. In that circumstance, Aurora Kephart, a bartender at Conway’s Restaurant and Lounge in Springfield, got a tip of a Keno ticket from one of her regular customers that ended up being a $17,500 winner!

One of Conway’s regular customers, who chose to remain anonymous, likes to play Keno and buys multiple tickets. When he came to Conway’s on Oct. 2, he gave Aurora a couple of his Keno tickets for games that had not been played at that time as a tip, a common ritual.

And much like Debbie, Aurora’s Lottery ticket came up a big winner thanks to the generosity of their customers!

Since the Oregon Lottery began selling tickets on April 25, 1985, it has earned over $9 billion for economic development, public education, state parks and watershed enhancements.

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