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Close, but no Cigar!

Oregon Lottery Powerball players come up one match short of jackpot

Final Buy One Get One (BOGO) promotion in effect until Saturday


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August 8, 2013 - Salem, Ore. -

Somewhere in New Jersey two winning Powerball ticket holders and one in Minnesota for last night’s record $448 million jackpot are trying to make some sense of their new found wealth.

Here in Oregon, at least one Powerball ticket holder has a similar and enviable task, as they ponder their own $1 million prize win. While Oregon cannot boast a jackpot prize winner, one lucky player came very close by matching all five white ball numbers but not the red power ball to win the $1 million Match 5 prize.

One week ago on July 31, another Oregon Powerball player came very close to winning the jackpot as they, too, were Match 5 winners. The difference between the two is that the July winner added one more $1 to their ticket when they added the Power Play option. The result? Their prize totaled $2 million with Power Play added.

Both of those winning tickets were sold in Portland and have not shown up at the Lottery office in Salem to claim their prizes. Players have one year from the date of the drawing to claim their prize.

In addition to those winners, from last night’s drawing alone there were over 37,000 winning tickets in Oregon. Ranging from that $1 million prize down to $4, last night’s Oregon Lottery Powerball players won $1.2 million in prizes.

Now that the Powerball jackpot has re-set to $40 million, the Lottery’s final Buy One Get One (BOGO) promotion is in effect until the next Powerball drawing on Sat., Aug. 10. During that time, when a player buys a $2 or $3 Powerball ticket, they will get a free $1 Mega Millions ticket.

The Oregon Lottery reminds players to always sign the back of their lottery tickets, regardless of the game. In the event of winning a jackpot or other large prize, they should consult with a trusted financial planner or similar professional, to develop a plan for their winnings. Prize winners of more than $50,000 should contact the Lottery office to schedule an appointment to claim their prize.

Since the Oregon Lottery began selling tickets on April 25, 1985, it has earned over $8 billion for economic development, public education, state parks and watershed enhancements. For more information on the Oregon Lottery visit

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