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Problem Gambling Public Awareness


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Lottery Launches New Problem Gambling Public Awareness Campaign

March 29, 2011 - Salem, Ore. - The Oregon Lottery is launching a new problem gambling public awareness campaign targeted primarily at women.

The campaign seeks to take the fear and stigma out of treatment by emphasizing the fact that a fundamental part of getting help is something that comes naturally to most women: talking to someone they trust. “The ad speaks to the importance of taking that first step--talking to someone who can help-- if your gambling is getting out of control,” said Oregon Health Authority Interim Problem Gambling Services Manager Wendy Hausotter. “Just as someone would think it perfectly appropriate to seek help for a medical problem, one should also seek help when the problem stems from spending too much time and/or money on gambling.”

The message presents counseling as an empowering experience that makes it possible for a person to “get her life back.” “The campaign speaks directly to gamblers in a positive tone and urges them to call 877-MY-LIMIT for help,” said Oregon Lottery Assistant Director for Marketing Carole Hardy, who also serves as Chair of the Oregon Council on Problem Gambling. “The message focuses on the solution more than the problem and offers problem gamblers hope that, by talking to a counselor, they can regain control of their lives and find ways to repair the relationships they may have damaged along the way.”

In addition to funding problem gambling treatment programs across the state, the Oregon Lottery also produces problem gambling public awareness campaigns. This latest campaign begins with television and print ads that will be seen throughout March. The social media component will launch spring/summer 2011.

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