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The Oregon State Lottery's Mission


Oregon’s lottery is both a public trust and a market-driven business. Lottery dollars fund education, economic development, state parks, watershed enhancement and gambling addiction treatment throughout the state.

The Lottery’s mission is set out in statute:

Operate a lottery with the highest standards of security and integrity to earn maximum profits for the people of Oregon commensurate with the public good.

The Oregon Lottery is state’s second largest funding source after personal income tax, contributing over $9 billion to state funding since 1985. The organization runs a complex business that earns profits in a responsible way to reduce potential social costs, such as gambling addiction.

The Lottery is guided by its code of ethics.

The Lottery and its employees strive to always be:

  • Fair
  • Honest
  • Responsive to citizens
  • Innovative
  • Knowledgeable about the business
  • Stewards to Oregonians
  • Respectful
  • Good corporate citizens
  • Responsible for safeguarding assets
  • Organizationally effective

And operate the business with:

  • Integrity
  • Security

The Oregon Lottery safeguards its games and operations through ongoing audits, tracking studies and surveys allowing Oregonians to play with confidence and with the knowledge that every time they play, Oregon wins.

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Lottery funds support projects and programs throughout the state.

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