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Frequently Asked Questions

Contracting with the Lottery

Q. Are Lottery procurements subject to the Oregon Public Procurement Code, ORS 279A, 279B, and 279C?

A. No. All Lottery purchases are subject to Lottery Procurement Rules, OAR 177 Division 36.

Q. Can I get hard copies of the solicitation document?

A. Lottery posts most of its large procurements ($150,000 and above) and many other bidding opportunities on the State of Oregon’s Procurement Information Network (ORPIN) Web site. It is preferred that you register your company on ORPIN and view and obtain Lottery’s solicitation documents from ORPIN.

If you are unable to download the electronic copy of the solicitation document from the ORPIN website, you may contact the Lottery Procurement Analyst listed in the advertisement for the solicitation document. Potential offerors are responsible for monitoring the solicitation on ORPIN during the solicitation period and for downloading or requesting any addenda issued during the solicitation period.

Q. Can I fax or send my bid or proposal by e-mail?

A. Lottery’s solicitation document will state the manner in which Lottery will accept offers. Per OAR 177-036-055 offerors may not submit facsimile and electronic offers unless specifically authorized to do so in the solicitation document.

Q. Can I attend bid/proposal openings?

A. Lottery does not publicly open offers due to the secure nature of the Lottery.

Q. Can I take exceptions or make deviations to the technical requirements or contractual language in my bid/proposal response?

A. Lottery will only consider a request for change to the technical requirements or contractual language in the solicitation document if submitted according to OAR 177-036-0160 or as otherwise specified in the solicitation document.

Q. Can I use my own bid/proposal form?

A. No. Offerors must use the bid or proposal form found in the solicitation document. This will ensure that all of the required information is included with your bid/proposal.

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