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Contracting with the Lottery

Opportunities, Requirements and FAQs

If you have goods and services to offer, the Oregon Lottery® invites you to explore our contracting opportunities. The Lottery purchases goods, equipment, fleet vehicles, trade services and professional services necessary for the operation and administration of its business.

In all procurement decisions, the Lottery promotes and ensures integrity, security, honesty and fairness. All procurement processes are governed by Oregon Lottery Procurement Rules, OAR 177 Division 36. Click on the links below to find bidding opportunities and helpful information on how to contract with the Lottery.
Bidding Opportunities

Bidding Opportunities >>

Goods, services & print. [more info]

Security Requirements >>

Contractor/Vendor disclosure and security background investigations. [more info]

Vendor FAQs >>

Frequently asked questions. [more info]

Vendor FAQ's

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County by County Fund Distribution

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