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Commission & Director

Members, Duties & Meeting Information

Commission Meetings

Schedules, agendas, minutes, financials and sales reports

Lottery Commission Overview

The five-member Lottery Commission oversees the governance of the Oregon Lottery®. Commission members are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. They serve at the pleasure of the Governor and are appointed for a four-year term.

Commission Requirements

As determined by Oregon Revised Statutes, at least one Commissioner must have a minimum of five years experience in law enforcement and at least one Commissioner must be a certified public accountant. No more than three members of the Commission can be affiliated with the same political party.

The Commission’s responsibilities include:

  • Ratifying retailer contracts
  • Approving yearly budget and business plan
  • Approving monthly financial reports
  • Adopting rule and policy changes

Current Commissioners


Commissioner Liz Carle Commissioner
Liz Carle

Commissioner Chris Telfer Commissioner
Chris Telfer

Commissioner Raul Valdivia   Commissioner
Raul Valdivia

Commissioner Mary Wheat   Commissioner
Mary Wheat


Oregon Lottery Director

Oregon Lottery Director Jack Roberts

Jack Roberts

The Director of the Oregon Lottery is appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. The Director’s responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing the administration of the Lottery and its employees, as well as external and legislative activities
  • Recommending annual strategic direction and budget to the Lottery Commission
  • Serving as the Secretary and Executive Officer of the Lottery Commission



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