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Salary Information

Rewarding Performance

Employees are the Oregon Lottery's most valuable asset and creating an environment that fosters teamwork, achievement, and responsibility is critical to their success. The Lottery gives its employees every opportunity to excel in its high-performance environment that encourages and rewards excellence. Our pay program is based on performance; the greater the performance or contribution to the Oregon Lottery’s success, the greater the total pay opportunity.

Salary InformationEach salary structure consists of a set of salary ranges, each with a market-based salary range minimum, control point, and maximum.

  • The minimum indicates the lowest amount normally paid for a position in the range.
  • The control point represents the estimated market average for positions in the range.
  • The maximum indicates the highest amount paid for a position in the range.

The salary structures are reviewed annually and updated to reflect market movement and Lottery business conditions.

Annual Performance and Salary Reviews

The Lottery provides a base salary within the minimum and maximum of the salary range based on an individual’s performance, experience, knowledge and contribution brought to Oregon Lottery. We acknowledge employees for their individual efforts and team contributions. To ensure that individual contributions are recognized and communicated, an annual performance review and salary review will occur every year.

All employment offers including promotions, voluntary demotions and lateral transfers are presented by an authorized Human Resources representative.

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