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Welcome to the new, modernized website 

Some bookmarks might need to be​ updated. Why?

The new site will work better on more devices, and will be speedier and more reliable. But one unavoidable side effect is that some of the pages have different web addresses. This means some of your bookmarks point to an old page that was moved. 

Where do I go next?

At the top of this page, you'll see the main menu by the logo:

Click or tap on GAMES and you will see all of the games listed there--  draw games, Scratch-its, and Video Lottery games.

Winning numbers for a game can be found on each game page. Powerball numbers are on the Powerball page. Each game page ha​s a link to search for all past results.

Why change the website?

It's been years since the website was updated, and so many things have changed:

Some tap a screen ​and others click a mouse. Some visit on a big screen TV and others use tiny phones. The old site was built for computers on a desk. Websites can do so much more than print, and now ours can, too.

The internet is a multimedia powerhouse. Our old site couldn’t take advantage of the new technology that makes visiting a site fun and engaging.

  • The new Live Keno works as well on a phone as it does on a movie projector.
  • Scratch-it images on the site can actually be scratched to show how to play (well, a virtual, simulated scratch, but much more fun, anyway).

Based on feedback we've gotten, the old site navigation was a little confusing. We've simplified it, and tried to organize it to make better sense.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.